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Digital Campus for Continuous Education

The Digital Campus for Continuous Education is a central infrastructure for technical supported teaching and learning scenarios, which is reliable, cross institutional, compliant with data protection and legally secured. Additionally it offers opportunities for a common use as well as an exchange of digital contents between institutions. It is operated by vimotion GmbH and promoted by the state of Baden-Württemberg within the „Alliance for Lifelong Learning“.

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Technically supported
teaching and learning scenarios enable

  • Individualization of
    educational processes
  • Handling of
    high complexity
  • Offers in
    niche topics
  • Workplace oriented
    continuous education
  • Flexibility
  • Motivation
  • More intense customer
    and student support
  • Support of the
    Bologna Process
  • Improvement of
  • Medial preparation
    of content
  • No digital separation
    of the society
  • Adjustment to a changed
    communicational behaviour
  • Actuality
  • Promotion of
    personal skills
  • Nationwide offers
  • Improvement of
    Diagnostic options
  • Participation even
    with handicaps
  • Study groups

Reasons to use
the Digital Campus of Continuous Education

  • High synergy effects
  • Extension possibilities
    with plugins
  • Contractual
  • Individual advantage for institutions
  • Development and technical support from the region
  • Awards


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