Reasons to use
the Digital Campus of Continuous Education

  • 1. High synergy effects

    • The joint use of technical infrastructure makes it possible to use hard- and software to an expense, which would be unrealistic for a single institution.
    • Systems of a very high quality and scalability can be used.
    • A very high availability is guaranteed (at least 98 % in annual average – actual availability in 2014: 99,991 %).
    • Operating system Debian, applications are separated in the V-server, SELinux (security enhanced linux) is used as a safety system.
    • Automated hardware and process service monitoring guarantees that errors are immediately recognized (automated monitoring by over 1000 sensors).
    • A very high level of data security is ensured by sophisticated data security systems (backups), also in case of unauthorized access attempts.
    • Data traffic as well as the actual data carrier (hard drives) is always encrypted.
    • The guidelines of the Federal Office for Data Security (see link) are strictly implemented.
    • Interfaces between the system and the administration programs can be used jointly.
    • Significantly lower license prices become possible, for example for virtual rooms like Vitero.
    • Continuous “up to dateness” by ongoing updates (ILIAS version 5.1 in responsive web design since April 2016).
    • The joint usage of learning modules and therefore high access numbers enables
      • to achieve more attractive prices for professional content,
      • to develop customized license models, which allow the modularisation of content,
      • to jointly use the necessary interfaces between learning modules,
      • to facilitate the content sharing and the cooperation with other institutions.
  • 2. The Digital Campus of Continuous Education provides plugins.

    • The range of functions within the Campus of Continuous Education is significantly extended by jointly used plugins, for example Vitero (virtual conference room), Etherpad (synchronous development of documents, version controlled), UserCreateEventHook (highly simplified administration by automated skin and rights assignment).
  • 3. Individual advantage for institutions

    • A high level of security through a sophisticated rights and role management
    • A clear distinction of categories with their own local user administration
    • Global role administration
    • Multi-client capability,
    • Individually configurable license manager
    • Single Sign-on (Shibboleth-Server)
    • All objects within ILIAS as well as all content objects can be used as single objects (ILIAS is object based).
    • By referring courses classes can be used beyond categories (essential for the cooperation of educational institutions)
    • Individual activation of personal data and therefore increased self-determination for the customer (can be listed as a convincing argument in advertisement)
    • Edition adjustment to the terminal device
    • Support of SCORM 2014
    • Availability of the SCORM 2014 offline-player under Mozilla Firefox
    • Individual appearance for every single institution
  • 4. Contractual security

    • Legally certified documents are made available to the institutions, also documents which lie in their own sphere of responsibility like data processing agreements, user conditions for end users, administrators and lecturers.
  • 5. Development and technical support from the region

    • A team of developers located in Germany facilitates the cooperation.
  • 6. Awards

    • Finalist at the European eLearning Award 2009
    • Price winner at the eLearning Award 2013 in the category „Social Media“
    • Price winner at the eLearning Award 2015 in the category „Virtual Classroom“
    • Nomination for the German eLearning Award „Innovation and upcoming talents“ (d-elina) in the category „School“ in 2015


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